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Esoteric Luxury has been identified as a 'brand to watch' and recently featured in Vogue magazine. A beautiful jewellery brand with sublime detailing and unique concepts behind each and every piece.

The Limpias Ceremonies involved Sip-che branches infused with Holy Water from the Ceynotes (Underground Sink-holes). These were then touched on the person’s ankles 9 times to dissipate negative energy to the Earth. It is believed, the Limpias Ceremony purified the Aura of a person and removed the Evil Eye.

The Limpias Bracelet was designed with the ceremonies in mind. The significance of the number 9 has been incorporated as the Bracelet has 8 Buds and a central Cocoa Pod, an important element in the Mayan protection and healing rituals.

The Limpias Bracelet combines both the Sip-che branch and the Cocoa Pod’s qualities. The healing and protective nature of the Healing Tree with the sacred Cocoa pod which is said to be a Gift form the Gods. The Cocoa Pods and Seeds were exclusively preserved for Royalty and traces of Cocoa have even been found in the tombs of Mayan Kings and Queens, as gifts for the Afterlife.

Created in Sterling Silver with 18 karat Yellow Gold Vermeil and Ruthenium plating. Tastefully accentuated by 32 pave-set Red Zirconia Stones on the tips of the Seeds. The Limpias Bracelet features a 6 inch chain with a 2 inch extension.  

The item you are viewing is currently not available. Please call us on 020 7025 2350 to enquire further. 


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