Paddy, Piazza, Armani and Paul Smith suiting collections

Term has started again, the leaves have started to fall, and we have been busy beavers working away on our website filling it up with wonderful collections for the new season.

As always at this time of year, it is the strong suiting collections from Paul Smith, Piazza Sempione, Armani and Paddy Campbell which are being snatched from the rails.

With the exception of a wonderful quirky grey offering from Lilith all of the suiting collections are black, in varying weights of wool.


Ironically black is also one of the most difficult colours to get looking absolutely right on a website, but for the followers of Paddy it is the same wool as before, as is now the case aswell with Armani and Piazza........but if you can spare the time do come in and have a play.

The early bird catches the worm...

Full party and evening collections have also arrived, and as they are less plentiful in quantity I am afraid that it is the early bird that picks the cream of the selection of sizes.

Orange and purple, both quite regal colours are represented by the designers on the rails.

This wonderful coat is velvet and hails from Piazza Sempione, one of favourite Italian designers.

Have a look in our parties section to your right....

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