St. Mungo’s is a London based charity for the homeless. Their aim is to help vulnerable people in London who either have been, or are at risk of, sleeping rough and homelessness. They provide shelter and support for these people with a range of issues from mental and physical health problems to jobs and training, and eventually moving into their own independent accommodation.

The Hackney Women's Project provides safe and comfortable accommodation and support for vulnerable women. The purpose is to help the residents develop independent living skills such as literacy, numeracy, budgeting, nutrition, hygiene, good citizenship and living within a community.

"Black Bin Bag Week" is an initiative set up by Madeleine with the Hackney Women's Project to collect unwanted clothes from us for some of the women helped by St. Mungo's at this project.

In the week beginning Tuesday May 8th, after the bank holiday weekend, we ask you to clear out your wardrobes, every nook and cranny, and dump black bin bags full of your unwanted clothes with us in Chancery Lane for us to hand on to St. Mungo's. We ask for all types of ladies' clothes, shoes and bags for women of the Hackney Project who have very little. If it is a success this time we may do something for men's clothes in the Autumn.

We shall be open between 8 am and 7 pm for every day between Tuesday May 8th and Friday May 11th to receive your donations.

On top of this, and in order to raise some much needed cash for the Hackney Project, we are hosting a champagne shopping event on
Wednesday 9th May from 8am – 8pm
10% of all sales on this day will be donated to the Hackney Women’s Project.

This event will be attended by representatives of the charity who can tell us all more about what we can do to help them but do have a look at for more information.

Please help us....we all have too many unworn clothes that are festering at the back of wardrobes!

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