Paddy Campbell

The long awaited collections from Paddy Campbell are all in!

7 delicious pieces of Paddy, all in the same black wool crepe as previous seasons, so mixing and matching is easy.

Fewer frills and no bows, and 2 winner pieces in our view.....a riding style of jacket and the much requested dress with sleeves.

Piazza Sempione

Our third season with this ever popular Italian label from Milan. This time in a lightweight wool with the amazing hidden stretch in a paleish grey melange.

6 pieces to choose from, including the perfect summer dress.

Paul Smith

From Paul Smith's top label, the Blue Label, all handfinished in Italy, we have this reasonably priced 3 piece collection in a black wool gaberdine stretch.

With all the usual quirky trimmings, the skirt suit is the snappiest look for this summer.

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