Welcome to the new look www.madham.co.uk !

We have been umming and aahing about changing the look of the website to make it more user friendly. This heatwave has given us the perfect time to do it!

We have renamed ourselves www.madham.co.uk....

No one could spell Madeleine , and we liked the idea of a few Gloucestershire Old Spots running round a field.

We are relaunching with the start of our gorgeous new autumn suiting which has very recently arrived in Chancery Lane.

The looks dominating this Autumn 2006 are structured and ladylike with an emphasis on retro details and quality fabrics. Tailoring is key, particularly when matched with feminine pencil skirts. Think Grace Kelly!

We have introduced new labels to the Chancery Lane gem, including Crea Concept, Ikks women and many more!! Most of the collections are dribbling through now, and as we can we will photograph them and get them up on our new site.

They say the early bird catches the worm....come in see the Lilith, the Joseph, the start of the warm blues, reds and rusts....oh and a dash of purple! If you can't make it....mail us on shop@madham.co.uk if you want anything reserving.

Latest Paddy Campbell arrivals...

The eagerly awaited Paddy Campbell suiting has arrived and is in stock in plenty of sizes.

Either email us on shop@madham.co.uk if you have any specific enquiries, or pop in and see us....our air conditioning does occasionally work!

If you are browsing while away on a sunny beach from the sunburnt BlackBerry, but would like to reserve a piece or 2, please just call us and we can pop it to one side 'til you're back.

It is, as usual in her distinctive black wool crepe, and fits all the fashion guidelines that we are supposed to be looking for this Autumn season. Deeply inspired by the 1930's and 1940's it is formal tailoring but with curve conscious cuts and feminine detailing.

One or two pieces particularly stand out to us in the shop....a day dress and a long (knee length) jacket. It seems a while since we have had such a gorgeous dress from Paddy which is not then covered up and worn under a jacket. See the Dior dress under her section on the site!

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